Integration Of Psychology Program With Field Experience Essay

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Part I: Integration of Psychology Program with Field Experience. While being at the Department of Human Services (DHS) there have been many themes that have taken place over the course of the one hundred hours of completed field site experience. With that being said, interviewing skills have been the most predominant theme at DHS thus far. However personality, abnormal, cognitive, and social are other important themes that have been also expressed at DHS.
While at DHS, I have gone with several workers on worker visits taken place either at home or in school. In these visits, the worker is there to gather information and to develop a relationship with the client. For the interview to be adequate/successful the environment of which the interview takes place has to be supportive. This allows the interviewer to gain respect and equality with the interviewee. Most of the interviews I have set in on, the caseworkers ask open-ended questions, have kept the appropriate body language including eye contact, appeared to be actively listening, and expresses thoughts and feelings as they paraphrase what the client has said. A family team meeting and family functioning assessment are two services that DHS provides that interviewing skills are a huge part of.
During these worker visits, I have seen very different personalities. Some of the personalities I have witnessed have been outgoing, determined, emotional, anxious, sarcastic, or arrogant just to name a few. During a visit with…

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