Interview Paper

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Interview paper

The person I have chosen to take part in helping me to do the interview is Marketa Gilyard. She is 37 years old and her race is white. Marketa was born in Prague, Czech Republic and lived there until she was six year old. When she was six her family moved to the United States due to the communist activity that was taking place at the time. I meet Marketa about three years ago through a good friend of my name Paula. Over the past few years I have grown close to Marketa and discovered that she is a wonderful friend to have. I am so glad to have meet Marketa and became friends with her through the help of my dearest friend Paula. I enjoyed watching Marketa taking the test because she was really serious about what she was
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Ms. Gilyard’s study preferences come from fact that she is a single person and has grown accustom to the solitude and lack of detractions that come from family and friends that surround other individuals. When she studies for her ministry classes she stated that she turns off the television and her phone, however she did also say that she does listen to music that is associated with what she is doing. For instance, she may listen to praise and worship songs if she is teaching a lesson on that subject. I would prefer the solitude of studying alone in quiet. I live in a household with other individuals so I have adjusted to studying with a certain amount of noise around me. I do go into my room and often I study with the television on. I keep it at a low volume because it is a way to control the amount of other noises that I hear in the house. The television does not distract me from concentrating on my homework. I really think people are able to adjust according to their surroundings. Ms. Gilyard took the Jung test on The results were that she was ESFJ, which means extroverted, sensing, feeling and judging. ESFJ also meant that she is a “seller” which is also something she does for work. The interviewee did not completely agree with the answers because she feels like that she has always been a very shy person. For her the

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