Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Essay example

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Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology
Anne Solomon
Diversity and Cultural Factors in Psychology/PSY450
Professor Iman Turner
July 3, 2011
Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Cross-cultural psychology is the critical and comparative study of the effects on human psychology. Cross-cultural psychology draws its conclusions from at least two samples that represent at least two cultural groups. Because cross-cultural psychology is about comparisons, it is crucial to use critical thinking. Cross-cultural psychology studies cross-cultural interactions, differences, and their psychological sameness as well. Cross-cultural psychology is an interdisciplinary field in anthropology and psychology. Cross-cultural
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Consequently, to divide the mind from its cultural circumstance and study it is basically to remove the mind from everything that makes it mindful. Thus the mission of cultural psychology is to have psychology move beyond the pointless nature versus nurture discuss and pay closer attention to what is important in the interface of nature and nurture, at least where higher level mental phenomena are concerned. Cultural psychology tries to achieve integrating cultural world-views to develop and determine psychological assembly rather than intermittently trying to clarify cultural issues with theoretically universal psychological ideology. By their very nature, words are both descriptive and evaluative; they simultaneously convey objective description and subjective evaluation (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). Critical thinking—exhibited by metathinking, thoughts about thoughts—offers a dominant variable between the bidirectional influence of attitudes and language. By remembering that imagery are in no way entirely unbiased, one’s personal values and biases effect one’s language, personal value judgments do not reflect objective truths, and recognizing other people’s values through his or her language, critical thinking proposes a solution to the consequence of language. Other biasing and subjective

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