Invention of Paper in China

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The Invention of Paper in China
Have you ever thought what life would be like without paper? Have you ever considered how many uses there are for paper? What about who came up with the idea for paper and where paper came from? Paper is one of those objects that we just take for granted. For our lifetimes it has always been around. We have never knows what it would be like to have to document something on anything but paper. Prior to the invention of paper, what was used to record information? If you have ever asked yourselves those questions, we have the answers. Fortunately, for us, we know that the Chinese invented the method of creating paper back around 105 A.D. Since then paper has been utilized for many
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Therefore, they started using cloth but cloth was much too expensive to use for writing. So then, they used bamboo and wooden boards but they took up too much space. They were stuck because none of their tools were working out.
After experimenting with many different elements paper was finally invented using twine, broken cloth and net. Some researchers say that the invention of paper dates back to 105 A.D. during the Han dynasty. The invention of paper was a great innovation in the Chinese civilization because since paper was cheap more people could use it to write things down and ideas could be passed more quickly and to a wider variety of people. Some say that it has quickened the development of human civilization (History of China).
Ts’ai Lun was the first person to produce paper; he made his paper from hemp, tree bark, textile rags, and fishing nets. Paper was much cheaper to make than using silk cloth. With the invention of paper, also cam the invention of other product made from paper. Paper money started becoming a more common currency because it is lighter than metal coins. Toilet paper made restroom visits a lot easier and printing papers made it easy to copy and distribute things much quicker. Since paper was such an innovation in its time, that in China it was forbidden to step on a piece of paper with something written on it.
China held on to their

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