Investigating The Inflammation Mediators And Interleukin Genes Polymorphism Relationship

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Research Experience
Due to my education background, I have experiences of research in three different fields including Emergency Medical Services, Molecular Biology and Computational Molecular Biology.
I have spent several years in the field of Emergency medical Services and health disaster management until I enrolled the PhD program in Molecular Medicine.
During my undergraduate studies, I had founded 'Molecular Biology ' and 'Computational Biology ' as my keen fields of interest which lead me to continue graduate study in these fields.
In my PhD program of Molecular Medicine, I learned the techniques involved in Molecular Biology including Cell Culture, Genomics Technology, DNA/RNA extraction, replication and diagnosis methods, Biotechnology methods and Genetic engineering .

Molecular Biology:
My research efforts in the molecular biology was focused on Neurosciences and cancer biology/immunology. I have collaborated in several researches in the Cell & Molecular Biology Research center, Golestan University of Medical Sciences.
1. investigating the Inflammation Mediators and Interleukin genes polymorphism relationship to different clinical outcomes of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) cases as well as relationship of Turkmen pedigree with resistance to MS disease.
2. Exploring the Inflammation Mediators and Interleukin genes polymorphism relationship to Gastrointestinal Cancer cases as new biomarkers in early diagnosis of the Gastric and Colorectal cancer: Diagnosis of…

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