Essay on Ir A Nuclear Program

1353 Words Jul 20th, 2015 6 Pages
In the wake of the newly established nuclear deal with the Iranian government and the United Nations, the very idea of Iran having a nuclear program gives mixed emotions and responses among many political leaders, as well as the general public. I believe a lot of the dismay involved is due to the lack of understanding of what is meant by having a nuclear program. The true definition of the deal, and what is entailed, is not freely expressed in today’s media coverage. Certainly a little perusing of the Internet will give a more representative explanation of the deal itself, but why not spread this knowledge in the form that the less political or journalistic ear can understand? Iran and the U.S. have come to terms with an agreement that if Iran is allowed to have nuclear facilities for the purpose of power production, allow students to study nuclear theory, and allow the unlimited access of International (mostly American) inspectors to any and all facilities, then they would cease and desist all efforts in attempting to produce nuclear grade weaponry. ( Without going into exhausting detail, that is the deal. However, that is the very point I am attempting to make. On who’s authority is it written to shield me from the entire truth of any topic I so choose? Despite the attempt to “sugar coat” the details of this elaborate story, the media is shielding us from the truth of the matter to preserve the government’s executive image and stature. But, like my grandmother…

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