Is China A Superpower? Essay

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Can China use its human resources strategically to become a superpower?
China and India dominated the world economy till 1800 AD accounting for 50 to 60 percent of the combined global GDP (S.R.; D.H., 2014). The world was stuck in a Malthusian trap, which is described as an equilibrium of non-growing income per capita leading to GDP being directly proportional to the population. The countries with higher populations had a higher yield and thus higher share of global GDP (Steinmann, Prskawetz, & Feichtinger, 1998). Technological advances in the industrial revolution broke this trap and propelled Europe and America as shown in Figure 1 below. The 19th and 20th centuries saw China’s GDP dwindle and other upheavals due to invasions and communism (Bardhan, 2012). Figure 1: GDP distribution of nations from 1 AD (Thompson, 2012)
Significant market reforms have driven the Chinese economy in the last three decades, indicating its bounce back towards its glory days. This bounce back is visible in the last bar of 2001 GDP in Figure 1 above (S.R.; D.H., 2014). This paper will explore whether by using its human resources strategically China will be able to surpass the U.S.A economy and become a superpower. Researching superpowers, analysts suggest factors for sustained growth and competitiveness include focus and investment in human capital (Silva, 1997). The major areas in which a nation need to excel to become superpower are economic, political and military arenas (Walker, 2001).…

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