Is Communication A Mental Meter Measure And Control Your Temper?

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Create a mental meter to measure and control your temper: How not to lose your temper even when pushed to the edge As an adult, you certainly know what it’s like to argue with somebody and then both of you are yelling at the same time. You end up solving nothing; because you both want to be right, but yet you can’t hear each other since you are both speaking and yelling at the same time. Most of the time, people end up regretting putting themselves in such childish situation, later on. Well, at least going through it once in a lifetime teaches us one thing: Communication is well done when it’s done in a smooth manner, and it is effective only when both parties exchange their views successfully. It is good to have this notion of communication in mind, but sometimes it will be difficult for you to respect that rule, especially when you have stubborn people in front of you and to make it worse that stubborn person happens to be your child. So, this rule alone will not suffice to prevent you from making a fool of yourself. You probably need something that works almost instantly. Something that will work almost like when you control the sound on your computer or a music device (like any portable music player for instance), where you can adjust the volume according to your mood or sensitivity to the amplitude of the sound etc… Think about it; what if you were able to accomplish self-control when it comes to anger, or the loss of your temper? See it like you were…

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