Essay on Is Euthanasia Morally Wrong Or Right?

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Euthanasia has been around for a long time and so has the argument, “Is Euthanasia morally wrong or right?” It has been a sensitive subject in terms of taking someone’s life away or letting them die naturally. Many people become apprehensive when it comes to the topic physician assisted suicide (also known as PAS) and the thought of it goes against religious beliefs, and the unanswered question is it unethical and dishonest to the means of the right to live act. More often than not PAS is associated with the word “murder”; because of its association with murder it brings up a vast of mixed opinions because the means of ends is in fact irreversible once chosen and no one is ever sure of what the “right” thing is. My position in this brief is for the legalization of PAS, and in order to convince society, I will give reasons why PAS is not immoral, and to prove that PAS is not murder while comparing active and passive euthanasia.
From the beginning of time humans have been battling in choosing what is ethically right and what is ethically wrong; according to Lewis Vaughn “ethics is the study of morality, … and morality refers to beliefs concerning right and wrong, good and bad--beliefs that can include judgments, values, rules, principles and theories” (Vaughn 3). Our judgments and values help guide our actions they are the foundation of why we are who we are today. We are always making an ethical choice; therefore, ethical choices are always around us. Euthanasia is defined by…

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