Is It Wrong Or Right? Essay examples

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To whether decide if something is wrong or right the choice is yours. Many factors go behind ones choice such as your traditions, culture, ethics, and morals. Today a lot of people might believe that the hot trend cohabiting among couples are completely up for it while the rest might be against it. Cohabitation doesn’t title you to any options you have regarding a partner, but rather a deeper look into reality. Research shows that there are pros to living together as well as cons, but they can sure bring you closer to what your end goal might be. A Step Towards Marriage, Not a Rebellion by Lauren Fox, The Downside of Cohabitation by Meg Jay and On Not Saying “I Do,” by Dorian Solot shared similar and relevant information about couples that do cohabitate vs the ones that don’t. Taking into consideration that you’ve been together with your partner for a while why wouldn 't you move in together? Is it necessary to announce it to the world that you’re living together with someone who you are unsure about? Titles and statuses have become so important in today’s society, which obligates you to think you can’t live with your partner because a final goal isn’t set. Looking at the other side of the spectrum from the reading “Not Saying I Do” by Dorian Solot clearly claims the author expresses her relief of not being in a marriage even though she has lived happily together with her partner for 11 years. Marriages have the control to change a relationship or change people’s feelings…

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