Is The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights? Essay

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Another form of violence towards women that violates their human rights, is the the negative response that females get once they report their sexual assault to authorities. This is not an overt and physical form of violence, but it is more psychological, in that it ignores the victims and their pleas for help. Often, in sexual assaults cases, there is a poor response from social institutions, that often results in the perpetrators of sexual assaults being set free, and this is largely due to ideologies of female subordination and male domination within society (190).
Less than 10% of female sexual assault victims report their assault to the police, this is often due to the fear of being discriminated against by the very social systems that are supposed to protect and seek justice for them (192). There is systematic sexism embedded within certain social institutions, this can be proved through the fact that rapists are often deemed innocent in trial, and this results in women being reluctant to report their rape. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all individuals “are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law” (textbook UDHR). The systematic oppression of women that results in women being scared to report their rape violates a woman’s human right to be granted equal protection under the law. The vulnerability and fear of sexual assault that women feel within society is due to the prevalent belief that a woman is responsible for her…

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