James Monroe And The President Of The Usa Essay

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James Monroe The fifth person to serve a term as the president of the USA was James Monroe. On April 28,1758 James was born in a town called Westmoreland County which is in Virginia. He was married to Elizabeth Monroe from 1786-1830. Together they had three children. Their first-born was Eliza Monroe. They had two more children after that, James Monroe and Maria Monroe. James died shortly after he was born so the Monroe’s raised two daughters. He attended school at the College of William and Mary when he was sixteen. Also served in the Army in 1776. Before he became the president he served in legislature. In 1783-1786 he represented Virginia in the Continental Congress. Monroe had the chance to be the U.S. Senator and he has had the opportunity to serve as the governor of Virginia from 1799-1802. As the president his term is now know as the time, which was “Era of Good Feeling”. Before Monroe was elected as president he was beat by James Madison in the election. James Monroe’s political party was the Democrat-Republican. He was a huge part of the Missouri Compromise he signed it. In 1823 he made the Monroe Doctrine, which is important for the foreign policy in U.S. When his term was over he returned and retired to his home on Oak Hill. But one day on his way to New York City he passed away. James Monroe was also actually the last president that was a member of the Founding Fathers. During his term as the fifth president of the United States of America five states…

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