Jane L. Mee 's Big Love Essay

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Women are often looked at as weak, inferior and only use is to bear children and raise them, compared to men who are looked at as strong, superior, and gods on Earth, women are not looked at as equal to men. The play Big Love by Charles L. Mee, displays the different views of genders and their thoughts on marriage and equality with the opposite sex. Within the play we see the different gender views of marriage in a way that each character is another level of a gender stereotype. This play proves that women shouldn’t just be a stay at home mother or a man’s trophy wife, but rather an equal life partner, and if not a life partner they should be able to choose their own life path. Women should be able to choose their own life path, all men do not look at women the same way and sometimes you have to go against all odds to be with the one you love.
Thyona and Constantine
“The male, the male is a biological accident, an incomplete female, the product of a damaged gene, a half dead lump of flesh, trapped in a twilight zone somewhere between apes and humans always looking obsessively for some women.” Thyona (Big Love, p28) This quote is from one of the main characters Thyona, she is significant character in the play because she is one out of 50 sisters who ran away from an arranged married to their 50 cousins, she symbolizes one way a female feels about men, she has an open hatred for men that not all of her sisters shares, this will ultimately cause a rift in their sisterhood.…

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