Jetblue 's Environmental And Social Responsibility Report Essay examples

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JetBlue didn’t realize how serious the problem was or that it would span over the next five days. All issues which impacted the companies operation and income. The company empowered its employees to make decision concerning operations and ability to cancel when necessary. An excerpt from JetBlue’s 2007 Environmental and Social Responsibility Report:

“we were negatively impacted by an ice storm that hit the New York metropolitan area and caused the cancellation of about 1,200 flights over a six-day period. After our recovery from the storm, we implemented a multiphased strategy to improve our overall operating reliability, allow our crewmembers to better handle irregular operations (which includes pre-emptive cancellations for severe weather), and improve customer communications. ”

My Opinion
Even though JetBlue experienced uncontrollable situation factors because they do not have control of the weather, they do have control of the decisions and actions their company and employees make. JetBlue should have enabled or empowered the employees to make key decisions when necessary. When the employees saw and experienced the delay after delay they should have reacted and if necessary contacted someone how could have assisted. JetBlue made an explicit service promise to its customers that they would “bring humanity back to air travel” and fell short on the delivery of it during the ice storm.
Even though very few airlines at the JFK airport cancelled flights and had similar…

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