Jewish Jews And The Holocaust Essay

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1. I believe the depiction of non-Jewish Poles in the book is negative. The caricature chosen to depict the Poles was the pig, a disorderly and dirty animal. The non-Jewish Polish governess stated, “It’s those Nazis stirring everybody up.” Anja replied, “When it comes to Jews, the Poles don’t need much stirring up!”(I/37). The Kapos in the books were non-Jewish Poles and they were brutal. Vladek states that all day they would kick, hit and yell until some dropped dead. They did this for “sport” (II/30). Some were anti-Semitic. The Kapo screamed at Vladek, “You Jew! You’ve only been here a few days and you’re ready to do business!” (II/33). He tells the story of the son of a Jewish baker who returned to Sosnowiec and was killed by the local Poles when he asked for his property back. People who survived the holocaust were still in danger when they returned home (II/132).
2. Vladek was a smart resourceful man that kept his head down and sought out opportunities to remain in better work positions in the camp. He spoke English and Polish. He received special treatment from a Kapo that he tutored in English. He hid him for two months in his room so he was not taken for dangerous work (II/35). He had experience in different areas and was willing to learn. He worked as a tinman in the camp and was able to exchange goods with the Poles hired to work in the camp for extra food for himself and to bribe Yidl, the chief of the tinmen (II/48). Vladek used his position as a shoemaker…

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