Jjt Social Responsibility Strategy Essay

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Visitation Support Agency

Social Responsibility Strategy xxxx Western Governors University

Visitation Support Agency

The company I have chosen for this scenario is a company that provides transportation and supervises foster children’s visits with their biological parents.
For privacy reasons I am going to call this company Visitation Support Agency (VSA). In the past VSA has had issues keeping employees, issues with lawsuits and did not take any considerations when it came to environmental issues.
VSA has four small offices and a main office in Eastern Washington. Each office runs differently. The company has a set of policies and procedures but each small office is allowed to interpret these rules as they see fit. The way
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(2) Current employee transportation vehicle requirements.
My recommendation to the local VSA office is to order recycle bins from the local garbage company. They offer internal bins and larger external cans for aluminum, cardboard and plastic. They also supply signs to post at each bin. These signs tell the user what the bins are used for and how to tell if their garbage is recyclable. If VSA applies this recommendation they will receive a discount on their monthly garbage bill. The discount varies due to recycle prices and so the amount saved can vary from month to month.
My recommendation to VSA for used ink cartridges is to recycle them. Our local Staples store offers a rewards card. Anyone that shops at Staples can apply for their rewards card. This reward card offers $2 in cash rewards for each cartridge recycled up to 20 cartridges per quarter. You can also earn reward cash when purchasing ink and other office items. If VSA recycled 20 ink cartridges per quarter at $2 per cartridge they would receive a cash voucher for the total of $40 per quarter which equals $160 per year.
Batteries can be very harmful to the environment. Not only do they contaminate the ground and the aquifer but the smaller ones can be swallowed by animals which normally lead to poising and death.
My recommendation to VSA is to not throw away the

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