John Brown 's Influence On Slavery Essay

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. I would say that John Brown’s biggest influence for his radical abolitionist beliefs and for most of the decisions he made in life was his father. His father was also a pretty intense believer in anti-slavery himself, and growing up John admired his father greatly and grew to believe the same values as his father. John Browns father was an active abolitionist who had his eyes opened to how unfairly slaves were treated after attending multiple revival meeting and listening to a sermon by a man named Jonathan Edwards that labeled slavery as a sin. His father ran a station that was part of the Underground Railroad and had a hatred for slavery that he passed down to his children, strongly affecting John in particular. Another really big influence in his early life was the town in which his father moved there family to when John Brown was 5 years old. The town they moved to, Hudson, Ohio, was widely known for the anti-slavery beliefs of the people living there and their involvement in the abolition movement. Hudson was an area that had the most Underground Railroad stations for one city alone and branches of the American Slavery Society were stationed everywhere in the northern region of Ohio. The last notable influential event that occurred in John Browns life was when he was young and had to stay with his landlord who owned a slave boy around his age. He witnessed the man beat the boy, whom he viewed as “fully if not more” his equal, with a shovel and other things, and it…

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