John F Kennedy 's Greatest Success Essay

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Additionally, it was John F Kennedy 's greatest success. He used a variety of tactics, which in the long run, ended the crisis without war breaking out. Pious (2001) said that “[he] coolly and exactly measured the level of force necessary to deal with the level of threat. Defining a clear and limited objective, he moved with mathematical precision to accomplish it, and by his own composure, clarity, and control, he held the country behind him” (82). With a good standing, the President was able to defuse the situation without actually using force that could have had a terrible domino effect. Kennedy’s choice to privately take matters into his own hands gave him the upper hand in speaking about the situation. If he had an idea he could go through it without it backfiring with the public. With this said “…they had defused the crisis, a decision to maintain confidentially with far reaching consequences for subsequent presidential crisis decision making” (Pious p. 81). With working on the decision solely with himself and a select few, he was able to work under less pressure than what he would have worked under with the public at his heels. According to Smith (2003), the President thought about the threat of an all out nuclear war, but came to the conclusion that even victory would bring destruction to your door step (269, 272). This means that even if they did get to a nuclear war, that the whole world would suffer including America. Kennedy didn’t want to just find a way that he…

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