John Taylor Gatto And Richard Louv Essay

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Most people believe that their opinions which have been formed throughout their life are accurate but in reality people based their opinions in what they we’re taught to believe in. People have a fear of knowing something because they’re afraid of being wrong. Many people have put a great amount of time and effort into their believes but confronted with their opinion being wrong people feel as though they have wasted a great deal of time and effort. The system of education is something the most of the public believes in is to make young children educated and ready for the world but that’s not true. The school setting is not what it seems and what is actually does is a horrible. Two individuals by the name of John Taylor Gatto and Richard Louv have spoken out against the current system people hold as infallible in the book Rereading America. Gatto is a retired teacher who has taught in schools for over thirty years makes a jarring revelation in his story “Against School” on modern education. Richard Louv a journalist and author of several works brings up a similar topic to Gatto on modern education in his story “A life of the senses”. These authors reveal and break down the education system, and the attitude the general populace believe is right. First of all, schools have become a part of a child’s everyday life in order to educate them and make them good people, however, its true purpose is misleading as it makes children like zombies. To this day these goals are seen as…

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