Journal For Learning Theories Paper

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Journal for learning theories paper Learning to longboard is a much more challenging task then one might think; it requires coordination, balance, and skill. Throughout the process of me learning how to long board my thoughts and approaches to it changed a lot. In the beginning I thought longboarding was going to be extremely easy and take no time at all, very much to my surprise I was extremely wrong. My first time even standing on the long board I had to have my friend who was teaching me hold my hands and pull me along, even with his help I still almost fell of 4 times in a 5 foot straight line. At this point in the process of learning to long board I was having serious doubts as to whether or not I could do it. I was constantly terrified of falling and if I even lost my balance of a second I would freak out and jump off of the long board. At this point I thought any chance of me learning how to long board was long gone and I would have to find something else to write this paper on, but with help I eventually became decent at it.
Throughout the whole process I had to constantly monitor my thinking. I had to keep trying to think positive thoughts and remind myself why I was doing this task in the first place. If I found myself thinking to negatively I would mentally slap myself and tell myself to get it together and that the sooner I learned how to do this the sooner I would feel accomplished and excited about it. My feelings and thoughts throughout this experience were…

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