Journalism And Its Effect On Politics Essay

1046 Words Jul 14th, 2015 5 Pages
Every picture and journalist has to have a background and why it is so meaningful or special for them to express it. That is what photographers and journalists do they try to capture the moment and try to express what is going on in the world and share what is going on in the moment. So why are journalists such as photographs a controversial to politics? Well there are two sides one Journalism could have a positive effect but it could also have a bad reputation for politics. So the argument is Journalism have an impact on politics some people would agree and some people wouldn’t. Some would argue that they are just reporters just like a messenger. To others journalism does have an effect for example the effects of journalism/ reporters could also damage a persons, or groups reputation like a relationship status just like how a photograph that caught Scott Disick with his former girlfriend cheating on his wife and three children which they are celebrities but could happen with politicians. Pictures and journalism combined could have an impact in the political stand point. Journalism do have a significant impact on politics by revealing secrets of politicians, and how photo journalism have a viewpoint from others, but it also has a honesty effect on the journalist themselves. Journalism could have a negative impact on politicians with public views of the media. Sometimes there are hidden secrets that we don’t know about, and there are a few that know secrets we…

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