Justice And Varying Degrees Of Abuse Essay

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It is also interesting that Calvin speaks of justice and varying degrees of abuse. His reads as such,
“To eat unworthily, then, is to pervert the pure and right use of it by our abuse of it. Hence there are various degrees of this unworthiness, so to speak; and some offend more grievously, others less so. Some fornicator, perhaps, or perjurer, or drunkard, or cheat, (1 Corinthians 5:11,) intrudes himself without repentance. As such downright contempt is a token of wanton insult against Christ, there can be no doubt that such a person, whoever he is, receives the Supper to his own destruction. Another, perhaps, will come forward, who is not addicted to any open or flagrant vice, but at the same time not so prepared in heart as became him. As this carelessness or negligence is a sign of irreverence, it is also deserving of punishment from God. As, then, there are various degrees of unworthy participation, so the Lord punishes some more slightly; on others he inflicts severer punishment.”

Thiselton shifts the focus from “not a sacrilege against the elements of the Lord’s Supper” to “claiming identification with him while using the celebration of the meal as an occasion for social enjoyment or status enhancement without regard to what sharing in what the Lord’s Supper proclaims.” This focuses more on it as it would relate to the social implications of a person’s genuinely identifying with Christ in his suffering and would quickly depart if things got rough. It is clear…

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