Essay on Juvenile Mentor And Youth Services Aide

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Juvenile Mentor and Youth Services Aide I am pursuing my A.A.S. degree in criminal justice in hopes of one day obtaining employment in the juvenile justice system, more specifically in the field of juvenile mentoring and rehabilitation. Growing up as a troubled youth myself and being part of the juvenile justice system I feel that I have something positive to offer to today’s youth. I have experienced many hardships throughout my adult life that I otherwise would not have experienced had I abided by the law as a teenager. I am a direct result of the positive influence that the juvenile justice system can have on an individual. There are several avenues one can travel while pursuing a career in the juvenile justice system. Each of the positions have a different impact and purpose as to the hopeful rehabilitation of a juvenile delinquent. I hope to provide a little more insight in to the juvenile justice system itself as well as my chosen career path as a Youth Services Aide and mentor in the state of Alabama. The juvenile justice system is largely in place to address juvenile crime, punish the offender, and rehabilitate in an effort to ensure the juvenile will not make the same poor choices moving forward. The first attempts to establish reform for juveniles can be traced back to 1825 and the New York House of Refuge. The first major reform to the juvenile justice system came in 1899 with the establishment of the first juvenile court in Illinois. (Wikipedia Contributors)…

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