Key Rules Of The Therapy Process Essay

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have accomplished all of them. 50 to 70 minutes. The facilitator will ask each group member to write down specific rules to govern the therapy process. After each member has written down their rules, the facilitator will combine them all and see what similar rules are expressed. The facilitator will go to the board and write down the rules that were expressed and agreed upon. The group will then determine what the consequence is for each rule if it were to be broken. 70-110 minutes. The facilitator will introduce the group to bullying. The facilitator will then ask the group members to break up into pairs of two. The facilitator will hand each pair of members a scenario written on paper that is about bullying. After the facilitator hands out the scenarios and each pair has read it, the facilitator will have each member rate how confident they are in solving the scenario on a scale of one to ten. One being they are not confident at all and ten being they are very confident. The purpose of this is to measure the group’s confidence in the first session compared to the ninth session. This is to see how much they have learned and how confident they have grown during group therapy. Each pair will go up in front of the group and act out the scenario. One person will be the child and one person will be the parent or teacher. Each scenario consists of the child having a difficult time with bullying at school and the child is discussing the situation with the parent or…

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