Essay about Languages And Nations Of The World Today

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Joshua Holi
Professor Bruck
English 101 WD S115
29 June 2015
Explanatory Essay
There are many languages and nations in the world today. An international organization formed in 1945, known as the United Nations (UN), brings 193 nations of the world together. The United Nations attempts to "promote economic and social development, improve human rights, and reduce global conflicts," ( Representatives of each country come together in a large assembly at UN headquarters in New York City, NY to discuss and resolve global issues. However, the number of representatives brings with them a variety of languages. Professional interpreters are a necessity to provide a precise delivery of each word that a representative speaks. A career in the United Nations as an interpreter and or translator is a rare opportunity to contribute towards solving global issues by breaking the barriers of language between countries.
The United Nations interpreters/translators have many important responsibilities. Interpretations may come unexpectedly and at a moments notice. It is imperative that they are 100% accurate because lives are sometimes at stake. The assignment to the interpreter is not always at an assembly. It may be at a court proceeding, a group conference or a private meeting. Interpreters log on a particular UN website and receive their assignments in the evening for the following morning or afternoon. The assignments are always subject to change and often are. The job is at…

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