Late Adulthood : Adaptation And Aging Essay

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Late adulthood: Adaptation and Aging Successfully As we age there are several stages in our adult life that change dramatically. We go through many different stages as our body ages, we lose family and friends do to death, and we retire, and or put out of employment due to age. With all of these changes, it is expected an aging adult in late adulthood, would experience several different feelings as they go through these stages of life. The following paper will discuss some of these changes and how older adults in late adulthood accept and move through life and continue to function as they experience change.
Question 1
There are three processes known as selection, optimization, and compensation that late adulthood adults experience when dealing with new changes in their life. These are similar to three processes that are practiced in middle adulthood which is growth, maintenance, and regulation of loss. Selection is defined by narrowing our goals and limiting the domains in which we expend effort. We see that older people will do this as they see their stamina becoming less and less, which is similar to maintenance (Broderick, & Blewitt, 2015). It is similar, because as with maintenance, older people are finding ways to continue living by narrowing what they focus on so it has meaning and goals that are met, rather than continuing to live without purpose. Maintenance is the same process in when changes come into your life you maintain by finding new areas to focus your…

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