Ldr Paper

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Leadership Approach Paper

Leadership Approach Paper

Cathy M. Espy-Cook

LDR/531 Organizational Leadership

December 6, 2011

Bobby Bates

Leadership Approach Paper

Leadership is a subject that has long excited interest among people. The term connotes

images of powerful, dynamic individuals who command victorious armies, direct corporate empires from atop gleaming skyscrapers, or shape the course of nations (Yukl, p. 1, 2010). Behaviors are an important approach in leadership. Working as a manager in an organization leaves much opportunity to view outstanding leadership behaviors as well as bad leadership behaviors. In observations poor leadership took a reactive approach in areas of multi-tasking the managers often
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A much smaller number of studies used laboratory experiments, field experiments, or critical incidents to determine how effective leaders differ in behavior from ineffective leaders (Yukl, p. 14. 2010).

Working as a Case Management supervisor at West Corp this position is very repetitive and can become old at times. There were times frustration would set in with upper management do to their lack of communication as to where this particular position could end up for individuals. Usually other department managers would come by and stick his or her head in the door and leave. One day the regional vice president Mr. Stanley paid a visit to the facility from the corporate office and spoke to each and every employee in regards to his or her position within the organization. By him doing this it helps to refocus the employees in their current positions within the organization this also helps the employees understand why the regional vice president Mr. Stanley is effective in his behavior approach and leadership.

Some weeks later Mr. Stanley the regional vice president presented a video from the corporate office speaking directly to each employee and reassuring the employees that their work for the company is valued and important and each employee as well.

In conclusion using the behaviors approach to leadership is one that needs to continue among leaders.

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