Learning About History Through Literature And Philosophy Essays

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My post-formalist period: Learning about history through literature and philosophy
As I posited in my theory critique, post-formalism describes a process of drawing upon one’s personal experience, and combining it with knowledge acquisition in order to make sense of the world and one’s place in it. In this scenario, the teacher takes on the role of facilitator – one who is responsible for providing the opportunity to arrive at that crossroads. This is how I came to gain a more nuanced understanding of human history.
My educational development was derailed by a teen pregnancy. The extent of this derailment has only recently become apparent to me, but it explains a lot about my incomplete understanding of major events in human history – their origins and causes, their consequences and contexts – and makes me feel less inadequate about the lack. It’s something that can be corrected.
When using a post-formalist framework to explain one’s educational progression, the first task is to identify the personal experience that will contribute to the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. My personal experience, besides the teen pregnancy, was the typical upbringing of a working-class, white girl in America. Which is to say that, in regards to my education, I had a public school education according to the prevailing standards of 1970s America.
The way I remember history being taught prior to college was the memorization of dates of major events. There were moments of connection in…

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