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Going Graphic: Comics at Work in the Multilingual Classroom

June 2006 — Volume 10, Number 1

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|Going Graphic: Comics at Work in the Multilingual Classroom |
|Author: |Stephen Cary (2004) | |
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|Publisher: |Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann
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He believes comics should be a joy for learners and teachers, and that comes through loud and clear in this book.

A reader who wants to get a quick overview of Going Graphic will find sprinkled throughout the book short text boxes containing testimonials from both teachers and students. These testimonials come from a wide range of classrooms and can quickly give teachers an idea of ways that comics may be used effectively in a wide variety of teaching situations.
The writing is very well supported by plenty of artwork. You will find a few photographs of comics-in-action in the classroom, but more examples of comics themselves. Even teachers who are comics fans will probably find a new artist or a book to add to their list of useful titles. Without this book, I never would have found the charming works of Brian Ralph, Cave In and Climbing Out. A broad range of styles and content is represented in these examples. Some of the most intriguing comics reproduced are not those by professionals, but the comics contributed by second language students. Such samples can be used to encourage students to create delightful comics of their own.


Going Graphic is divided into four main sections. “Theory and research” opens the book with a clear rationale for the use of comics in the language classroom. The two practical sections, “Questions” and “Activities”, make up the bulk of the book and should prove

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