Legal Aspects of Professional Psychology Essay

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Legal Aspects of Professional Psychology
Terri Smith
PSYCH/545 Survey of Professional Psychology
Dr. Erica Wansel
August 26, 2012

Professional psychology has simplicities that set it apart from other recognized branches of psychology. The twist and turns of professional psychology make it where legal has to be taken into consideration. In any type of medical field legal always play a major role. The patients and clinicians have an obligation to one another to abide by the guidelines set forth according to the American Psychological Association (known as APA) that protects both parties’ rights. In this paper, the importance of maintaining confidentiality in a therapeutic relationship will be discussed. The influence
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Competence in Psychology Competence is defined as being sufficiently able, or qualified; adequate.” There are a lot of other terms that can be used as competence (mastery, skill and effectiveness etc ;) Competence has become as common a term in psychology today as it is in other health professions (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, 2000). Competence is developmental and generic (Alverno College Faculty, 1994). According to Hoge, educational programs are expected to produce competence, professional credentialing bodies are expected to certify individuals as competent, policy makers laud competence, and consumers increasingly demand it (Hoge et al., 2005). In addition, as professions are regulated to ensure public protection, we have a responsibility to ensure via education, training, and ongoing life-long assessment that practicing psychologists and future generations of psychologists provide quality and safe psychological services. Psychologists perform a number of tasks that call for a lot of training and skill. Competence refers to their ability to appropriately perform these tasks. It is an ethical issue because a psychologist should not provide services that are outside their areas of competence. Every psychologists has their own area of expertise, therefore they all cannot be experts.

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