Legalizing Marijuan Making Cents Of It All Essay

1430 Words Jul 15th, 2015 6 Pages
Legalizing Marijuana: Making Cents of it All. Schools using outdated textbooks, Humvees lacking armor protection for troops. It seems like these headlines are commonplace now days. If we would have had more money, then we would have done more and better things. We could raise taxes but the general consensus of the American public seems to be that they are all for increasing fund for things like education; but when it comes to lightening out already empty wallets, no one is the most enthusiastic of participants. But what then? We need more tax dollars, but no one really wants to pay more taxes to get them. We can start by cutting costs. But when it comes to possibly cutting military budget and risking being vulnerable to attack, or in the road construction budget, and risk unsafe driving conditions for thousands of people, cutting budgets becomes difficult to justify. Maybe we’re missing something, something right in front of our face. Legalization of marijuana for recreational at the federal level will not only save billions on the ineffective “War on Drugs,” and combat some of the problems with the illegal black market for marijuana, and the taxation of marijuana will bring in billions of dollars for essential government programs.
CNN noted, in a special article by Richard Branson, the War on Drugs has been a “trillion dollar failure,” and continues to cost the state and federal government 40 billion dollars per year (Branson). It makes 1.5 million arrests per year (Ferner…

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