Leon Trotsky 's Responsibilities And Ideologies Essay

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Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky’s responsibilities varied during his lifetime as he assumed many different positions in the different factions of the Revolution. Trotsky became a Social Democrat in 1903, resulting in his joining of the Mensheviks at the Second Part Congress. He would split with them not long after. In 1905 Trotsky become the chairman of the St Petersburg Soviet, which would later be raided resulting in exile. Trotsky would then return to Russia in May 1917, only to join the Bolsheviks, the enemy of his former allegiance. Trotsky would be appointed to Chairman of the Petrograd Soviet by Kerensky in October of the same year. In November Trotsky became the People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs, which led the Russian delegation to negotiate peace with Germany and Austria-Hungary, which would become known as the infamous Brest-Litovsk Treaty. Trotsky was appointed leader of the Red Army which was founded in February 1918. Trotsky quelled the Kronstadt Rebellion in 1921, and as a member of the Communist Party Central Committee, he was a forerunner for leadership after Lenin died. However, due to the swift actions of the other contender, Joseph Stalin, Trotsky was quickly stripped of all power, and in 1929 was exiled from Russia completely. Seeking refuge in countries such as Turkey, Norway and France. Trotsky was deported to Mexico in 1936, where he would spend the next four years there until his death, when in 1940, he was…

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