Essay Lewis Carroll's Criticism of Society

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Lewis Carroll's Criticism of Society

Lewis Caroll published 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', in 1865, mocking the children's literature of that time, which suffered from a lack of imagination, only containing morals to educate children. Education plays a large role in the Alice`s life. Alice refers to her lessons and her education very proud of the learning that she has acquired. The information that she remembers from her lessons is usually useless or wrong. For example, although she can remember how many miles down until the center of the earth, she believes that everything will be upside down when she passes through to the other side:

“Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end? "I wonder how many miles I've
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Alice has run-in with skewed social etiquette when she encounters the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon in the 10th chapter “the Lobster Quadrille”. They ask her if she has ever danced the Lobster Quadrille, and when Alice says that she has not, the Gryphon gives the following description of it:
... "you first form into a line along the seashore--"
"Two lines!" cried the Mock Turtle...
"-you advance twice-"
"Each with a lobster as a partner!" cried the Gryphon.
"Of course," the Mock Turtle said:"advance twice, set to partners-"
"-change lobsters, and retire in same order," continued the Gryphon.
"Then, you know," the Mock Turtle went on, "you throw the-"
"The lobsters!" shouted the Gryphon, with a bound into the air.
"-as far out to sea as you can-"
"Swim after them!" screamed the Gryphon.
"Turn a somersault in the sea!" cried the mock Turtle, capering wildly about.
"Change lobsters again!" yelled the Gryphon at the top of its voice.
"Back to

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