Life Lessons And Failures Of A Leader Essay

1420 Words Jul 30th, 2015 6 Pages
Like many young leaders I started as an NCO with significant motivation, aggressive approach, and a desire to control all outcomes within the scope of my responsibility. Life, experience, mentorship and above all else failure has definitively shaped me as a leader. Mentorship and experience directly correlate to the profession of arms and the development of leadership proficiency. However, I find that the spectrum of life and lessons from failures (both professionally and personally) more significantly contribute to leader development in the form of maturity and ability. Lessons learned are most prominently derived from failures, as success and failure contrast where success prompts a sustainment response and failure prompts that of improvement. Therefore, a leader could easily improve his or her proficiency while marginally improving their maturity and ability, focusing on success rather than life-lessons and failures. From this perspective, as I have evolved as a leader, I have come to emphasize the life-lessons and failures as the most important developmental tool a leader has. I refer to these events and the subsequent response to the events as humbling experiences. Humbling experiences in my life are comprised of major gains, losses, success and again, failures. Examples of these are marriage, promotion, birth of a child, loss of life, change in duty position, permanent change of station, recovering from combat injuries, producing unsatisfactory results,…

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