Life Of A Gang Member Essays

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Douglas J. Pettiford
Stanley “Tookie” Williams

July, 6 2015

The life of a gang member is a harsh one that often leads to imprisonment or death. Many who embrace gang life do so to fill emptiness or void in their life. Gang leadership frequently offers to fill that void, under the pretense of fellowship and family. Those who do accept the call gain a sense of power and belonging. The life of most in gangs follow a path that is riddles with violence, crime, mistakes and regrets, but rarely redemption. It is not often they will get a chance to reevaluate their perspective on life and make a change for the better. Incarceration is the normal path for many gang members; in fact prison is a sort of rite of passage, a means of solidifying their commitment to gang life. The reality is most that enter the prison system don’t change for the good. While the goal of the penal system is rehabilitation, prison for the most part trains criminals to become better criminals. This however is not the case for Stanley “Tookie” Williams. Although his life was ended by lethal injection his contribution to anti-gang stance was significant. The story of Stanley “Tookie” Williams is one of youthful mistakes that lead to a violent and extensive criminal history. Ultimately, Williams’s story is one of crime, the law, and redemption. Williams’s life was one that was filled with crime at an earlier age and continued until a series of events changed the…

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