Linda's Heritage Assessment Paper

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Linda’s Heritage Assessment Paper Cultural differences abound in America today. Approaches to health also differ from one culture to another. People are shaped by their traditions and use traditional ways to satisfy their needs for better health (Agec, 2012). America is a melting pot of different cultures. This cultural diversity comes with differences in health traditions and health decisions. It could be a religious approach to health or a cultural tradition. Health has a different meaning for different people. So, everyone has a different approach to his or her health ( Alpa, 2007). Cultural heritage is an important of one’s economic, social and health issues. It helps one understand someone …show more content…
Good health Indians believe is closely related to body, soul and mind. A healthy person has body, soul and mind in balance. As for medicine, Indians prefer to balance modern and traditional medicine for health ( Agec, 2012). Indian families are strong on herbal medicines. They believe that these medicines hasten the healing process. Thus turn to traditional treatment and modern medicine as needed. When it comes to health restoration, Indians believe that healing cures not only the disease, but also the whole body as well ( Getty, 2002). Ultimate health is restored, when one is cured physically, mentally, and psychologically. It’s not usually to see nurses and doctors of the same sex examine Indians who use modern medicine. The presence of a relative in medical examination rooms is common in the Indian culture. It seems maintaining health is a family effort. Thus families are involved in the treatment and wellbeing of their relatives. The entire family participates in making medical decisions for their kin. Indian culture is a unique and varied one (Getty, 2002). Nowadays, America is leaning more toward prevention than cure. Indians, on the other hand, concentrate on health maintenance. Black/African American Culture My second study is of my African American co-worker. She states that Black life influences the health and lifestyle of

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