Little Change Effects Student 's Life Essay

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Little Change Effects Student’s Life
The Freedom Writers Film shows people about change. Everyone needs to change, including teachers, students, even education. ①Change is hard, but learning more about it does not have to be boring. People may ask: What is “change”? It represents a fresh travel; it means new born; it becomes different. How does it work? ②From this moment, every voice that told you “YOU CANNOT” is silenced. Every reason that tells you things will never change disappears. How those little changes effect students’ life? The movie has given its audiences a clear answer. Students hated their new white teacher Ms. G at the beginning. They also resented each other because of different racial groups. They disliked their High School; they did not have any hope. However, they started to change with Ms. G’s patient help. They tried to understand each other; they found their hope and became a real family in the end. All the things happened with those little changes. They have a great power. Change is one of the most positive words in the world. It gives people not only courage but also hope. Many people have negative feelings about change. In this essay, people who stand in different positions will show their different opinions on the positive and negative effects of change.
In the stance of positive people maintain that a little change has a lot of benefits. As it can be seen that③soul change leads to social change. The whole world always talks about racial problems.…

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