Essay on Love Between Love And Love

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Everybody has felt it at one time or another, be it for a person, pet, or even a non-living object(. love for objects which nearly can be also an addiction.). That feeling is love. Love is felt in different intensities; it may consume your whole being, or perhaps it’s just a little crush, but sometimes it can be people and it’s when it is not shared. Some people search for what seem their whole lifetimes for love, whereas others may seem to fall in and out of love on a regular basis. Of course, here we are talking about people, but also non-living object too. We can love many things, but the love between two people is unique and special. Love is rarely defined because everyone experiences it differently. What one person thinks is love, another may think is infatuation or vice versa. How does one know he or she is in love? How is it possible to distinguish between the love of romance and the love shared between friends? In order to understand love, we need to first understand the three major types of love: romantic love and friendship love.
Definitely every single “love “has a specific effect.
The most powerful and dearest love is parent/child .We all love our parents: that love is written in our essence, because nobody tells nobody to love his parents, certainly everybody was born with that feeling. Also the parental “love” is not just love; it 's love with protection and fears. For example a father is the superhero for his 6 years old boy, and he will always say to those…

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