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Richard Timian

Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Friday, September 14, 2007


The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) is a self-assessment diagnostic instrument that measures 12 key thinking patterns, or "styles". The LSI promotes performance change and improvement by increasing personal understanding of one's thinking and behavior. By responding to these 240 inventory items, individuals learn exactly where they need to focus their development efforts, without ambiguity or guesswork. The results of the self-description are plotted on a circular graph for easy visualization of how the individual thinks and behaves in the 12 LSI styles. This profile acts as a personalized developmental needs assessment,
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This style goes hand in hand in the examples mentioned previously. For example, a dependent style person is reflects apprehension, where a strong need for self-protection and a propensity to withdraw from threatening situations.
Part III: Genesis of Personal Styles
How did I develop into an achievement / dependent person? As I remember, most of my earlier traits were derived from my parental guidance. Although this was a minor part of my mindset I credit my early drive from high school. To achieve you must work hard. During high school I was a loner and kept mostly to myself a typical 2.0 student. And after hearing several individuals say that I would not amount to nothing, it turned my thinking around. I completed with a 3.75 GPA. I took a drafting apprenticeship with a local manufacturing facility. Money was not great or the work hard. I fell into the moderation trap again. This was short lived due to boredom, I needed something more. After stumbling through several meaningless jobs, I took the advice of one of my closest friends and applied for a position at a local foundry. It sounds gross to some people but, I credit this establishment with changing my life. I married my best friend and worked as much as I could. But work environments were changing, management styles were on the brink of change and I wanted to be a part of this change.
The company offered training and education benefits that were previously

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