Malcolm X : An African American Muslim Minister, Public Speaker, And Human Right

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The word literacy is defined as a person’s ability to read and write a sentence. According to the article “Adolescent Literacy”, the literacy problem is getting serious in America because the students feel frustrated and discouraged to read and write when they are in school. Students without a diploma will face problems in getting a good job or promotion to a higher level. The authors, Jimmy Santiago Baca and Malcolm X were having an illiteracy problem when they were in prison. Jimmy Santiago Baca is born in New Mexico and grew up without a proper family. Baca was caught dealing drugs when he was in his early twentie and sentenced to prison. He also gave free readings and speeches about his experiences within the country. His story “ A Place to Stand” is about how Baca spent his life in the prison after he was forced to plead guilty of a crime. Malcolm X was an African-American Muslim minister, public speaker, and human right activist. Malcolm X was implicated in several crimes in Boston and New York when he was young. He was well-known as the one of the most influential African-Americans in history. His story “ Prison Studies” is about how he made use of his time while he was in prison. I believe that the changes of the environment, the use of a dictionary, the feeling of being frustrated and the improvement in penmanship helped Jimmy Santiago Baca and Malcolm X to become literate.
The changes of the environment helped Baca and Malcolm X to become literate. Baca and…

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