Man Child : A Black Lesbian Feminist 's Response Essay

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Man Child: A Black Lesbian Feminist’s Response
Firstly, Audre Lorde is writing this story around 1970s, that must have been a very hard to be a person of color but, a lesbian in an inter racial, same gender relationship. When she first felt that it was important to make her son stand up to the bullies, i agreed with her. After reading more and seeing how she shared with her son i changed my mind. I was completly with her that her son need to be taught how to be strong as a person of color. It is true as we grow up, we forget how our life was when we were in school. When i was y
I found her narrative to be very enlightening for the most part, because I did not know how much of a struggle lesbian parents group when raising their children. Additionally, this is a person of color raising children a during time that was very difficult for people of color. Of course, things are still difficult for people of color, unlike then people are more accepting to different sexual orientations.
Membership has its privileges
He makes a lot of interesting points about what people of color and white people can do if they want change. I agree that realizing that racism exists is not enough, it’s a good step but more has to be done. He points out that society does not talk about white privilege. I believe books should include a chapter to compare and contrast what people of color and how the same situations do not affect white people. I feel, if we only talk…

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