Marketing Analysis : Consumer Psychology Essay

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Consumer Psychology

Marketing supplies a product or service that resolves the customer’s problem/dilemma whether real, imagined or generated by the advertiser. If you consider this with regards to the points below, you may never watch another commercial without feeling deceived, misled and abused.

1. Humor: You can always tell how bad a product is by the amount of humor the marketing company used to sell it. Generally speaking, the more humor in advertising, the worse the product or service is for you. Look at companies like Hershey’s, Frito-Lay, and Bud Light.

2. Sexuality: When we view someone attractive, our body responds by discharging hormones. Our mind subsequently links this pleasurable feeling with the product or service being sold. Now you can understand why Carl’s Junior shows so much “skin” when selling their hamburgers. 3. Anthropomorphism: There really is a psychological term for those smiling cats and dogs. Giving human characteristics to animals and inanimate objects gain your trust and confidence. The next time you down a Heineken, look very closely at the smiling “e” on the bottle. This is highly suggestive of a favorable brand perception.

4. Insecurity: If marketers can make us feel insufficient, we will try and find a way to fill the self-doubt. This is a notorious practice of the cosmetics industry. The only difference between you and the model is a few minutes with Photoshop and their newest cosmetic miracle.

5. Reverse Psychology: This…

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