Marketing Analysis : Marketing Myopia Essay

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Theodore Levitt written an important marketing paper called Marketing Myopia which was published in the Harvard Business Review in1960. Marketing Myopia suggests that, organizations should concentrate to be more customers oriented rather than just selling products, in order to existence or survival. According to Levitt (1960), there are no objects as can be state as developed industry, and organisations desires to expand their operation and commerce therefore bank on every chance possible. This situation is still same for all the businesses, who are trying to grow and sustain, as competition in any industry increasing day by day.

Entertainment industry itself experienced a remarkable growth in the UK 9.9% increase in year 2013 compared to previous year (BBC, 2015). This industry has seen voluminous new products and numbers of marketing strategy in place especially in last decade, where technological development was key player. He found that situation and environmental changes make though of survival of some companies. Brassington and Pettitt (2003) shown that, this issue gets ignored by many organization and they achieve negative results. This article will attempt to analyse this aspect with relation to one of the largest organisation in the UK Entertainment Industry– HMV.

Context of the article – HMV’s mistakes:
Most of the organisations are familiar with Marketing Myopia (Richard et al, 1992). However, marketers or top management still often do mistakes and…

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