Essay on Marx 's Criticism Of The Capitalist Work Society

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Question 1:
Karl Marx claims that the way the economy is organised fundamentally defines how social relationships are shaped. It is the connection between how we organise the satisfaction of needs (economically), as this is a universal thing for Marx, and the social relationships that result from that, this relations becomes the driving force behind a lot of developments such as the social changes from feudalism to capitalism. Marx observed the relations between the economy and society under capitalism and used the idea of alienation to criticise the capitalist mode of production as a distortion and abuse of the human capabilities. This essay will explore Marx’s idea of the historical materialism to describe how the economy is organised defines how social relationships are shaped, explain Marx’s criticisms of the capitalist work society as a social pathology through the idea of alienation and discuss what defines the concept of alienation and its consequences to the society and how can it help us understand the social issues of labour exploitations and inequalities in contemporary society.
The satisfaction of needs is central, humans must procure or produce the necessities by which they can survive and reproduce themselves in order to make history, it is the fundamental premise where the economy and society rest. Over time, how we satisfy needs changes, the way the economic relationships are organised and the way mode of production is organised to new needs…

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