Masks : The American Indian Art Essay

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Each collection has similar art concepts yet contrary styles. Every collection contained at least one sculpture, mask, or type of pottery in its art gallery but the collection that drew me in the most and really caught my attention was the American Indian Art. I just loved the bright colors that were involved in the art pieces, and that really stood out to me the most from all of the different art pieces. The colors portrayed in this collection were far more distinctive than the other collections because it seemed to be a bright and strong color meant to be seen and stand out. Not only did the colors that were used throughout the different art pieces stand out the most but I really enjoyed seeing all of the culturally stylized masks present throughout the various collections; the masks were definitely my favorite art piece out of the entire gallery. It was just so fascinating to see how completely different the masks presented in the collections from different cultures and time periods were compared to the types of masks I’m used to seeing today especially around Halloween. When I think of a mask the first thing that comes to mind is something that’s meant to be scary but that’s definitely not the case for these masks being displayed. Funny how something so simple, such as a mask, can be so different when it comes to different perceptions influenced through culture.
I chose two completely different yet similar mask creations; one which is of American Indian Art and another…

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