Mass Media And Its Impact On The World Essay

1423 Words Jul 14th, 2015 6 Pages
Ⅰ Introduction
Because the internet has spread, it has also increased opportunities of being described as “Old Media.” In order to gather the daily news and events, there is still greater the influence of mass media represent by television and newspaper. To be mentioned uppermost of a feature of the internet, the overwhelming amount of information. A wide variety of data on the net has continued to increase constantly, even at present does not know where is fitting. And another one, is a great feature that “do not choose the time and place.” At any time if you have mobile and the net environment, wherever nature can be connected even from around the world. At the same time, it has become the unique thing about the speed at which information is transmitted. Not a few people called “see the twitter when the earthquake occurs.” Net is intended to further expand the television, and, it is not limited to the video. It is also possible to flow bulletin images, voice and attractive as possible to the ad hoc information dissemination. However, newspaper takes at least half a day to reach our hand. In addition, it costs money for personal expenses and equipment, the price of the newspaper is higher than the net. It is a weakness that we cannot searched like a net, read articles that immediately came out from the news. People are sensitive to the speed, they end up comprehending that the net is worth reading and seeing. Accordingly, today, I am going to analyze why the net is more…

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