Essay Math Vs English : The Noticeable Differentiations

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Math versus English:
The Noticeable Differentiations Math and English seem to be two very complex subjects, yet they are both complete opposites at the same time. Ever since the beginning of education, almost each and every learner has struggled with either math, English, or both subjects. One subject may be preferred over the other or neither be preferred at all. The struggle may brought up because of the challenges of each subject or the lack of interest to grasp the concepts or ideas. Despite the reasons of the preference, mathematics and English, when compared, have noticeable differentiations. Even though math and English are both a required class for schooling, there are overwhelming differences that make math the superior subject such as absolutes, universality, and creativity.
To start off, math only has one answer to each of its specific problems. Mathematicians simply call these absolutes. According to Merriam-Webster, the term absolute is defined as “complete and total.” One, after solving a mathematical problem, may realize that the complete solution is in fact the only solution. This seems to be the general notion of mathematics all over the world. When graphing a linear function and finding the zero of that function, Margaret, an accelerated student at Seymour High School, realizes that there can only be one answer in a single linear equation. When graphing an altered linear function, Margaret came to the conclusion that there was no solution. Margaret then…

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