Maus Essay

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1. How does their story of survival compare to that of Primo Levi? 2. Why do you think Art Spiegelman draws the characters of his book as mice, cats, pig etc.? 3. Maus 4. What was Vladek like? 5. Vladek is an older person with a very précised in what he want and he son see this as being annoying. He feels you need to be aware of everything. He does not trust people specially his second wife Mala. He has hearth problems and he is diabetic. Sometime he used his sickness to his advantage. 6. During the Holocaust, he exhibited a spectacular resourcefulness, work ethic, and presence of mind that often enabled him to secure food, shelter, and safety for himself and his family. He was a shrewd businessman, and in the most …show more content…
They need it lot of thing and he used anything to survive. So the reason he save everything is because even thought he is free and in another country his mind set is in the Holocaust. His ability to hoard and save even the smallest of items, such as the paper wrapper from a piece of cheese was use to send a note to Anja. The cigarettes from his weekly rations was used as money in the camp. These small items took on enormous importance to Vladek, and even many years later, he feels unable to throw anything away. 13. 14. 15. Why does he insist of fixing the roof himself? He insists of fixing the roof himself, because that was something he did to survive and see his wife Anja when they were in the concentration camp. Vladek also wants to show his son he is still useful, 16. and that he still is a strong man. 17. 18. Why is he so suspicious of his second wife, Mala? 19. Mala is Vladek's second wife, and a friend of his family from before the war. The couple does not get along. Mala is consumed with frustration towards Vladek's inability to part with money. She is always complaining that he won’t give her money to buy her basics needs. She is also a holocaust survivor. Because of the experience Vladek went throught he does not trust anybody, therefore he think Mala is not trushtworthy. Also his fistt wife Anja came from money so she never made it an emphasis in their

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