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cLibel Paper

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McDonald’s is undoubtedly the largest fast food restaurant chain in the world. At this magnitude, it is important to note that any business decision that McDonald’s makes has great implications for the millions of stakeholders, including the shareholders, managers, suppliers, employees, and ultimately the consumer. This is why it’s imperative that every decision that comes from management carry a high level of ethical planning and execution. This paper will focus on how McDonald’s business model affects the consumer in positive and negative ways. Topics:
1) Food - healthy food and
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In addition to offering a hot meal to those in time sensitive situations, Mcdonalds is also an affordable alternative to more expensive dining out establishments. For students taking college courses in order to someday earn a livable wage, Mcdonalds can serve them a hot meal at a considerable cost advantage to many other restaurants. In fact, due to McDonald’s “Dollar Menu” an individual can purchase a complete meal for less than five dollars. Consumers want options that are both affordable in price and time; this is what McDonalds offers and that is what makes it a good business.

Argument in favor 2 Food for local environment - McDonald’s is a great restaurant for the masses around the world because it caters its menu according to what the local population wants. A consumer is more willing to come back again if most of the menu is close in taste to what the local population likes to eat. For example, in Germany the McDonald’s menu has curry beef and curry chicken sandwiches, which can be linked to the German’s strong desire for curry flavor in their fast food dishes. Curry has been in the German diet as far back as post-war 1949, when food was scarce and curry was a great condiment to pass bland food. In South Korea, McDonald’s has mastered the Bulgogi Burger. Bulgogi is a staple food in South Korea and is basically meat made from thin slices of beef that is marinated with soy sauce, sugar,

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