Media Psychology : Social Media Depression Essay examples

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In an article titled “Media Psychology: Research in the area of media psychology reported from the University of North Carolina,” researchers from the University of North Carolina studied how media can cause changes in mood in adolescents. In this study, scientists studied the technology intake of two groups of adolescents- one group who had been affected by psychological disorders, and another (the control group) who had no history of mental illness. Researchers found that adolescents in the control group used media to enhance and/or maintain their already positive moods, while the other group of adolescents, who had been previously diagnosed with major depressive disorders, did not use media to improve their moods. In fact, this group of subjects turned to media that only negatively affected their moods- a phenomenon researchers have named ‘social media depression,’ a term coined to describe the correlation between depression and social media use. Although there is no official diagnosis or definition of social media depression, several mental health experts believe that young adults and adolescents experience depressive symptoms due to comparing themselves to others on social media sites. Other experts believe that depression is actually evolving due to social media. An article from The Atlantic titled ‘Social Media is Redefining Depression,’ explains how online communities in social media forums romanticize mental illness. According to the article, “Teenagers thus…

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